Portable Hand Fuel Pump ₦1,100

Description: various oil \ water category \ pinching a few. Barrel of liquid can be sucked out. Special note: this product suitable for use in gas stations and sales, due to the length can be directly inserted into the large oil drums for oil, exhaust air balloon immediately after having to manually go pumping, self-suction barrel of oil.
Features: 1 lightweight and practical. Especially when traveling by car journey to bring a very practical and convenient, prepared. 2 new and unique designs, the new flexible plastic precision production, more beautiful and durable, not defective. 3 just by pumping the liquid squeezes can be very convenient, a stop at the top of the gas discharge switch, through the discharge gas is stopped, so that all the liquid out of the container, will cause the fluid remaining in the waste container. 4 This pumping oil taken in kind. The oil suction pipe is resistant to acid, alkali hard plastic pipe can not bend, be inclined at an angle. Flowlines elastic telescopic tube can be bent. Suction pipe · Length: 39.5CM · Diameter: 1.4CM ..»[Shop Now.. Pay on Delivery..]

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