Classic BlackBerry Bold 9720 Phone

Classic BlackBerry Bold 9720 Phone

BlackBerry Bold 9720 Smartphone - Features:

  • Keyboard
      The classic Keyboard is designed to help you type faster, more accurately and with the least amount of effort.
      You cann respond to emails, stay connected with BBM™ or update your social status in an instant.
      Get straight into your conversations with the dedicated BBM Shortcut Key..
      Pressing the button once takes you straight through to all your conversations. And if text isn’t saying it all, you can speak to your BBM friends for free over Wi-Fi® with BBM™ Voice.

  • Multicast
      Say it everywhere with the Multicast feature. Write your message once and then pick all the networks you want to share it with. From BBM to Twitter and Facebook, it is quick and easy to share your latest news.

  • Share Right From Camera
      Let everybody see your photos as soon as you have taken them with the 'Share Right from Camera' feature.
      One touch and you can choose to send photos to your favourite social networks or to your friends via email.

  • Touchscreen
      Use simple gestures to effortlessly navigate your BlackBerry 9720 smartphone and discover just how quickly you can get things done..


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