Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    Monitor your blood pressure all by yourself at home with an automatic compression and decompression blood pressure monitor..

    An automatic blood pressure monitor helps you to measure the systolic, diastolic and pulse at the same time. With the easy to operate switch button, you can check your blood pressure regularly at anytime..
    • Features:
      • Memory: can store 60 groups of value and time
      • Quick read technology
      • Large LCD display
      • Fits wrist from 5-inch to 9-inch
      • Varacity: Blood pressure record within 3mmHg or below 2% error
      • Pulse: record below 5% error
      • Power: 2 x AAA new alkaline batteries
      • Measurement intervals: 1mmHG
      • Operation temperature: -10 - +40.
      • Store temperature: -20 - +50.
      • Longevity of battery: 250times..
      • Measurement scope: 135-195mm cycle.
      • Exhaust: Automatic.
      • Auto pressure increasing and decreasing.
      • Sensitivity: Semiconductor pressure sensor...