Mipow Power Tube (10000 - 10400mah) PowerBank

Mipow Power Tube (10000 - 10400mah) PowerBank
    The MIPOW Power Tube 10000 is the ultimate on the go charger! It’s the most powerful portable charger in our range of Power Tubes, perfect for keeping your smartphone or table full of charge when you’re away from home..

    • Stylish retro design:
    The Power Tube’s stylish retro cell style looks just like a battery. You’ll be surprised how compact and lightweight the design is, fitting perfectly into your hands and a great size to pop into your bag or into your pocket for any battery emergency!.

    • 10,400mAh capacity:
    It’s a big number, but what does it mean? Well, to put it into context, an iPhone 5s has a battery capacity of 1,440mAh so you could charge your iPhone 5 every day for a week (approx. 7.4 full charges) with the Power Tube 10000, the perfect holiday accessory!.

    • Quick visible charging status:
    The retro designed Power Tube 10000 features a quick, simple visible battery status. Simply press down the MIPOW circular button and a stylish battery meter indicator will light up and highlight the current battery level.
    The indicator is easy to read with the bar being full and green meaning 100%, when less than half the bar will go orange and when the portable charger is in need of a recharge it will change to red..

    • Universal charger:
    The Power Tube’s USB output port means that you can charge almost any device by simply plugging in the original charging cable, this means that you can charge any HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG or Apple device!..