Don Sexton's Book: Trump University Marketing 101


• Book Title: Trump University Marketing 101 - How To Use the Most Powerful Ideas in Marketing to Get More Customers and Keep Them..
• Author: Don Sexton (PhD)
• Publisher: Wiley
• Cover Type: Hardcover (480 Pages)..

In "Trump University Marketing 101", you'll learn how to:
◦ Master the basics of great marketing to grow your business.
◦ Adapt your marketing strategy to difficult economic conditions.
◦ Understand customers, competitors, and markets.
◦ Discover your target audiences.
◦ Position your product or service against the competition.
◦ Create a great brand from scratch.
◦ Market residential and commercial properties effectively.
◦ Develop powerful marketing plans.
◦ Increase customer satisfaction.
◦ Price your products for maximum profit.
◦ Use advertising and the Internet to promote your business.
◦ Employ guerrilla marketing techniques.. and much more!..

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