Scanfrost Air Cooler - SFAC 1000 ~₦30,000

Fresh Air All the time..
The scanfrost air cooler SFAC 1000 is an innovative cooling device that has proved to be very effective in hot weather conditions like ours. It has a fan that blows at a very high speed to keep a big room well ventilated and cool all day long. It works very well for a crowded room as well. No more feeling uncomfortable because of heat waves and stuffy room. It is very powerful, rugged and very easy to control. It has three speed controls, castor wheel ice, and a chamber that allows for more cooling and also a 12 liter water tank capacity for effective cooling. It has a dust filter that takes out all the dust in a room, leaving your room clean with fresh air..
Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Scanfrost Air Cooler SFAC 1000 is very efficient and it is inexpensive. It has low energy consumption, thus reducing your electricity bill. Scanfrost products are very efficient; including the air cooler and that has been the selling point for decades. That is why it has a growing base of loyal customers. The air cooler allow you to save both on running cost and it helps protect the environment by not emitting toxic substances that would have adverse effect on the environment. This is to keep in line with the global advocacy for a greener Earth... ..»[Shop Now.. Pay on Delivery..]

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