Book - All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation by Rebecca Traister ~$17.05

"One of the most powerful voices in a new generation of American feminist writers." -- Walter Russell Mead,Foreign Affairs "The most brilliant voice on feminism in this country." -- Anne Lamott, author ofBird by Bird "A clear-eyed, whip-smart observer of the political scene." -- Daphne Merkin, author ofThe Fame Lunches "Brilliant." -- Maureen Corrigan, NPR'sFresh Air "Clever, caustic, [and] wickedly funny." -- "The heir to the tradition of Mary McCarthy and Joan Didion." -- Eric Alterman, author ofThe Cause "Provocative and insightful." -- Curtis Sittenfeld, author ofAmerican Wife MORE PRAISE FOR SINGLE LADIES "Traister brings a welcome balance of critique and personal reflection to a conversation that is often characterize more by moral policing than honest discussion . . . Perhaps one of the most important aspects of [her] narrative is her acknowledgement that the experiences of single women are far from identical . . . An informative and thought-provoking book for anyone--not just the single ladies--who want to gain a greater understanding of this pivotal moment in the history of the United States." -- New York Times Book Review “Traister’s comprehensive volume, sure to be vigorously discussed, is truly impressive in scope and depth while always managing to be eminently readable and thoughtful.” --Booklist, starred review “This fast-paced, fascinating book will draw in fans of feminism, social sciences, and U.S. history.” --Library Journal, starred review “An invigorating study of single women in America with refreshing insight into the real life of the so-called spinster.” --Publishers Weekly “[Traister is] one of the nation’s smartest and most provocative feminist voices.” --The Boston Globe “Entirely engaging …a singularly triumphant work of women presented in beautiful formation.” --The Los Angeles Times..
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release date: March 1, 2016
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 6 inches x 1.3 inches x 9 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.15 pounds
Number of Pages: 352 pages
ISBN-10: 1476716560
ISBN-13: 978-1476716565 ..see more...»[Shop Now..]

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