Ebook | "You Don't have to be a Wimp to be Abused -A Guide to Understanding Domestic Violence against Men" ~$3.99

In the middle of a cold winter's night, Fred and his baby are sleeping on his bed. Suddenly he is awoken by a loud noise and a knife pushing into his chest. He pushes his assailant away. She flies across the room. Fred's roommate comes to his rescue to get the knife out of her hand and to restrain her. His friend's girlfriend calls 911 and holds the screaming baby..
This crazy woman has another knife strapped onto her wrist. She is now biting and slashing Fred's arms trying to get him from restraining her. This mother's rage and mental illness makes her stronger than her small frame, especially against two men twice her size.
The author explains how, why, what to look for in a relationship, and how to get help and healing in situations like this. . This is a non-fiction book that reads like a novella. Written in English ..see more...»[Shop Now..]

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