Samsung LED Television UN65KU6300 - 65Inch UHD TV

Samsung TV UN65KU6300

• Brand: Samsung (UN65KU6300)
• 4K Ultra HD Smart TV - 65 Inches Flat LED Television.
◦ Premium quality high definition pictures with amazing resolution.
◦ Super thin colorful backlight screen for great! viewing experience.
◦ Perfect for video gaming activities, sports and fast-moving entertainment contents.
◦ Comes with built-in powerful WiFi.. Swift internet connectivity with up-to-date apps.
◦ Equipped with responsive smart functionality features.. Compatible with comcast X1 DVR remote..
◦ Supports rich HDR+. 120CMR(effective) refresh rate, three HDMI inputs, two USB ports..
◦ Can be used as HD PC computer monitor and Easy to mount on walls.
◦ Comes with durable and adjustable sturdy stand.
* Color and specs may differ..

Newer Model: UN65RU8000FXZA (2019 UHD 8 Series)
Samsung UN65RU8000FXZA

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