Melanie Moreland's Book: The Contract Series

Melanie Moreland's Book: The Contract Series
  • Book Title: The Contract Series Book.
  • Author: Melanie Moreland.
  • Publishing Language: English.
  • Format: Kindle eBook Edition (298 Pages)..
      ..Richard VanRyan is a complete douche to the people around him.. And no one gets more abuse than his PA Katharine "Katy" Elliot.. When Richard is passed up for the promotion he was promised, he's livid, and he goes to his companies biggest competitor to hire him. It's a family oriented company, and unfortunately his reputation proceeds him, so he comes up with the insane idea to hire Katy to become his fake fiancee..

      Katy hates her job, as her boss makes her life miserable, but she's taking care of her aunt, who has Alzheimer's, and it pays enough so she can afford her medical care. But when the costs go up significantly, she has no option but to take Richard's crazy fake financee' offer. The more time she spends with him, the more she realizes there's more to him than he lets anyone see. How will they survive the contract they made without anyone getting hurt?..


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