Baby Back Seat Car Mirror - Safely See Your Child

OxGord Baby Back Seat Mirror - Safely See Your Child | Newly Designed 2016..
This XL, high quality, wide angle baby mirror is constructed of safe shatterproof acrylic and provides parents with a full unobstructed view of their baby, infant, or toddler while they drive.
EASILY VIEW YOUR BABY, INFANT, OR TODDLER WHILE ON THE GO: Driving with babies, infants, and toddlers can be a stressful experience. Now you can keep a watchful eye on your little ones giving you confidence that they are safe and secure in their car seat or baby carrier anywhere you go. Spot dropped pacifiers, or potential choking hazards at a glance while engaging in soothing and calming eye contact with your baby at stop lights and stops.
365 DEGREE PEACE OF MIND: The oxgord rear facing back seat mirror features a 365 Degree rotating arm allowing you find just the right angle and tilt to observe your baby safely and effectively without obstruction. No matter what make and model of car, truck, SUV, or van you drive the Oxgord rearward facing baby mirror is guaranteed to provide you with the best view of your baby while you drive.
EASY TO INSTALL WITH NO TOOLS: Or rear ward facing baby car mirror is easy to install in any vehicle without tools or hardware. Adjustable straps clip safely and securely to your back seat's headrest easily with no hooks or screws. Back seat mirror can be removed quickly and easily or swapped into grandma and grandpa or the baby sitters vehicle in no time. Never travel without the security of a watchful eye on your baby again with the oxgord rearward facing baby mirror.. ...»See More