Waist Trimmer - Back Posture Support Body Wrap

EzyFit Waist Trimmer Ab Belt - Slimmer Stomach Abs Tightener Weight Loss Sweat - Back Posture Support Body Wrap - Belly Fat Burning Sauna Adjustable Velcro Binder..
MOBILE SAUNA TUMMY TUCK FOR YOUR WAIST - Target and tone your midsection to burn stomach fat faster with the best quality EzyFit waist trainer belt that feels great & really makes you sweat away toxins and maximise calorie burn.
TONE, CONTOUR & LOSE WEIGHT AROUND YOUR STOMACH - Wrap an EzyFit exercise belt firmly around your waist, pat down the strong velcro closure and exercise, walk or simply go about your day to tone, trim, shape and curve your waist.
THERAPEUTIC, FAT BURNING HEAT APPLIED DIRECTLY TO YOUR WAIST - EzyFit stomach trimmer is made of 3mm thick Neoprene it fits snuggly and stays tight around your waist to generate and trap heat that targets cellulite and increases blood flow to expel excess water and toxins.
TIGHTEN YOUR ABS & IMPROVE POSTURE - EXTRA LONG & WIDE - Wearing an EzyFit neoprene waist trimmer, you will notice improved posture helping to strengthen your lower back muscles and support your stance as well as heating and soothing back muscles. The EzyFit wide waist trimmer belt is totally adjustable from a 30" - 46" waist and is 8" wide, making wearing it comfortable and effective..
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