Smartphone Holder for Motorcycle, Bike, Bicycle & Car Steering Wheel

#1 Motorcycle Phone Mount & FREE Cell Phone Lanyard! Sleek Handlebar Holder for Motorcycle, Bike & Bicycle (or Steering Wheel for Car). All Smartphones & GPS Devices - Samsung, iPhone, Garmin etc!..
UNIVERSAL USE FOR PHONES & GPS DEVICES: Will fit practically any smart phone or gps device 1.75" to 4.0" wide and 7.25" long. The Mount will securely Clamp to motorcycle / bicycle handlebars with a diameter up to 1.5" diameter. Likewise can be clamped to a Car steering wheel.
FULLY FLEXIBLE OPERATION: Position your device in Landscape or Portrait mode. Enjoy full 360 degree rotation flexibility as well as Forward / Backward Tilt operation for Optimum Positioning.
READY ACCESS TO DEVICE BUTTONS: Your device is held firmly in place by means of strong flexible silicone webs. Your device screen and buttons are fully accessible to allow normal use whilst stationary or in motion.
IN A RUSH? NO PROBLEM - EASY & FAST TO USE: Attach or detach your device in a matter of seconds! Comprehensive PDF User Guide Provided.
..Ideal for keeping your phone close to you at all times. You can use it as a necklace, a wristband, or even attach it to a pocket or zipper. It's adjustable, secure and portable, never drop your phone again!...