Quality Baby Carrier Sling Wrap for Moms - Grey Cotton Material - Comfortable, Durable, & Fashionable

*.Belephant Baby Wrap is Lightweight, Stretchy, & Sturdy. Perfect Blend of 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex makes the Perfect Baby Wrap Sling Carrier!. This will keep your baby Comfortable, Tight, and Safe!
*.This Wrap can be used as a Sling, Carrier, Breastfeeding Cover, or Blanket Swaddle. Carry, Cover, or Swaddle your Infant or Toddler with this Neutral Grey Color that will match any outfit for any occasion.
*. Includes Step by Step Instructions for a Basic Hold. Machine Washable - Washing Instructions are included.
*.These Baby Carriers make excellent shower gifts & presents..
Keeps baby calm, cozy, and swaddled. Your baby will feel just as loved, safe, and close as if you were actually holding them with your hands.
Keeps Mom and Dad Happy, Hands-Free, and Stress-Free. Yes, you can get more things done without "letting go" of your infant or toddler.
One Size Fits All - This material spreads out to fit small to large babies and it will also fit small to large men or women.
Easy to keep clean. If the sling gets spit upon or dirty at all, wipe it up and put it in the washing machine..
The Baby Wrap by Belephant uses high quality (95% Cotton / 5% Spandex Blend) material that has the "Perfect Stretch" by giving you strong back support while keeping your baby comfortable and safe. This neutral grey color will go with any outfit on any occasion...