Ultrasonic Air TaoTronics Cool Mist Advanced Humidifier with LED Display

*.TaoTronics Ultrasonic Air Upgraded Cool mist humidifier with a microporous cartridge to filter the water from micro-organisms, calcium, and magnesium ions.
Adding any essential oil or similar chemical perfume in the water is not recommend
*.Set humidity level and control the amount of mist, while designed to humidify the air in rooms up to 538 sq ft (50m²)
*.Over a gallon of water capacity and 15 hour working time on a full tank of water will last well into the night. Please pour away the water in the base before fill in water to the tank and do not shake the tank when it is working.
*.Ultrasonic humidifiers are incredibly silent so it will never disturb you; perfect humidifier for a baby
*.Other Features: Built-in timer; LED display; sleep mode; and a 360 degree rotatable nozzle..
The Advanced Ultrasonic TaoTronics TT-AH001 Home Humidifier is an ultrasonic humidifier that emits water vapor to moisten dry air. It uses a microporous ceramic cartridge that filters water from micro-organisms, calcium and magnesium ions. The humidity level can easily be set to the ideal setting for your room..