Airmark Washable Liquid Chalk Markers - Colored Erasable Pens

Airmark Coloured Liquid Chalk Reusable Markers erase easily on any non-porous surfaces (glass, whiteboard, chalkboard), but are permanent on porous surfaces (fabric, paper, ribbon)..
*.Airmark Washable Liquid Chalk Markers comes with 42 Free Reusable Chalkboard Labels 6 designs. This is good for pantry Kitchen Storage & Office Canisters.
*.Airmark Washable Liquid Chalk Markers is made in Japan. 2-5 mm width in writing, ensuring best quality for drawing and writing. 4g ink inside, Last Longer than most liquid chalks in the market.
*.Safe for children, Non-Toxic, 100% Water Based, Odor free, No Dust, Fumes or Harsh Chemicals
*.Easy to Clean - using these bright and colorful markers on a variety of surfaces including mirrors, windows, and other non-porous surfaces. Airmark markers are safe and easy to clean, wet or dry, using a damp cloth or a dry erase marker.
*.NOTE - Airmark Washable Liquid Chalk Markers are designed to be used on smooth and NON-POROUS surfaces! ALWAYS test on a small area first to see if it wipes off before continuing on your project. Order now with complete peace of mind..
The Airmark Washable Liquid Chalk Markers are of high quality, fun, versatile, and easy to use!. Safe for children ages 3 and up, these markers can be used for a variety of fun and exciting activities..