Anova Culinary WIFI 2nd Gen (900 Watts) Precision Cooker

With The New Anova Culinary Precision Cooker, get alerts on your phone - keep an eye on the status of your food from start to finish.
Your food is safe with Anova - if water temperature rises above 40 before your scheduled cook time, Auto-Cook will trigger your cook to keep it safe..
You can cook no matter where you are. Schedule a cook, let Anova do the rest, and come home to the best meal ever - set your meal up in the morning and tell your app what you're cooking your food will be ready when you get home..
No additional equipment - adjust precision cooker WI-FI to fit any pot or tank you have..
*.Size: 12"
*.Color: Black
*.Brand: Anova Culinary
*.Model: A3.2-120V-US
*.Dimensions: 2.75" h x 2.75" w x 14.75" l, 2.50 pounds..