Bevel Cordless Shaving 800109 Barber's Trimmer

With Bevel Trimmer, go cordless and enjoy the freedom of movement without sacrificing power and precision. Whether at the shop or on-the-go, this trimmer delivers the same cutting power with or without the cord. You get five hours plus of continuous cordless power. Bevel Trimmer can hold a charge for 60 days..
The Bevel Trimmer is a world-class device for both barbershop and home grooming needs, combining innovations in design, power and cleanliness..
You don't need screwdrivers for quick adjustments. simply adjust sharpness using the Bevel Dial. Enjoy Bevel Trimmer with consistent power, with or without a cord..
Are you tired of having to go find tools and a flat edge to adjust your trimmer blades? No need for that.. The innovative Bevel Dial allows you to adjust your trimmer blades to a zero gap alignment quickly..