Car Tire Digital Pressure Gauge with USB Charging Port, LCD Screen Displays and Build-in Alarm

Brand: Aukey
Features Real-time TPMS Monitoring System with settable alarm value that detects tire pressure and temperature to keep your vehicles in a good condition, LCD screen that displays four tire pressure or temperature with adjustable pressure unit BAR / PSI.
This tire gauge is designed to effectively monitor the air pressure and temperature of tires to avoid possible damage caused by tire leak during driving, prevent abnormal wear of tires and improve fuel efficiency.
Pressure Range: 0 - 6 bar (0 - 87 psi)
Temperature Accuracy: ±3°C
Input: 15V 1A
USB Output: 5V 2A
Working Temperature: -20 - 80°C
Storage Temperature: -20 - 85°C
Battery Life: ~2 Years
Tire Pressure Monitor Dimensions: 2.24" × 1.38" × 1.97"
Tire Pressure Sensor Dimensions: 0.78" × 0.78" × 0.63"
Weight: 2.33oz..