Mini Powerhouse Solar Generator - Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150

Brand: Goal Zero
Model: 22004
This portable mini powerhouse is a gas free source of power to keep your lights, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mini electronic gadgets powered on through any situation. Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 is a simple plug and play generator for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power.
Features 2 Ampere USB outlet, 12 Volts output and built-in 80 Watts AC inverter. With a convenient pop-up handle and stackable shape you can take it along anywhere and get yourself powered up. Dimensions: 5.75" h x 6.75" w x 7.75"
Asides from solar sunlight, it can also be recharged from a wall socket or car. *Note: Solar charger/panel and car charger are sold separately..