Retractable Car Window UV Rays Sun Shade (2-Pack) - Fits any Auto [Drive Auto Products]

•Drive Auto Sunshade is Two Sided - A subtle appearance with clean lines from the outside, the white side's high density PVC reflects the sun's rays. Cool and dark from the inside, the softer black absorbs excess glare and heat, making the drive easier on the eyes.
• Drive Auto Sunshade Reduces Snow Vision Blindness. Mimics OEM luxury car privacy screens so your car will look great. Open window without knocking them off!..
*.Drive Auto Sunshades are simply superior with the conscious decision to put high quality PVC protective blinds on a deluxe roller shade.
Drive Auto chose a white exterior to reflect sunlight, and black interior to reduce glare. It's tear resistant and gives you the high-end look we're all going for. And best of all, it stays connected...