Sania Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller - Keeps Roaches, Spiders, Mosquitos, Mice, Bugs Away

*.Sania Ultrasonic Pest Repeller comes with upgraded electroMagnetic field to protect more space around your home.
*.With Sania Electronic Pest Repeller, you take control of your house, garage, office, patio or other working areas
*.With the built-in amber night light sensor, you're made to rule the darkness
*.Sania Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller is completely inaudible to people, dogs, cats, and fish..
This Electronic Pest Repeller doesn't kill rodents, but rather creates an environment that is uncomfortable for them, so they simply leave. With Sania Pest Repeller, pets are driven from your home by the combined power of ultrasonic and electromagnetic functions, covers up to 6000sq ft..
*.Brand: SANIA
*.Model: 1003
*.Dimensions: 4.70" h x 2.60" w x 3.20" l, .20 pounds..