Tech Armor Premium HD Clear Apple iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

Tech Armor HD Clear multilayered screen protectors are the most affordable way to protect your iPhone 7 Plus screen from scratches, drops, dust and daily wear, while providing incredible clarity and 3D Force Touch accuracy.
The Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protectors help prevent damage from drops and scratches, while providing an unrivaled user experience. No interference with iPhone 7 Plus sensors.
This screen protector works with most iPhone 7 Plus cases and won't interfere with installation. Tech Armor PET Film screen protectors use only Japanese PET film and Silicone adhesives for viewing clarity and easy installation and removal.
*.NOTE - The iPhone 7 Plus screens have curved edges and this screen protector only covers the flat surface reducing the risk of bubbles. Tech Armor designed the screen protector so that it's easy to install, durable and offers maximum coverage..