Ultrasonic Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Wall Self-Charging [Crenova]

*.This Robot Vacuum Cleaner is built with 1200pa high suction power automatic height-adjustment capability provides a deep and thorough clean for parquet, tiles and carpet.
*.With 4-in-1 cleaning capability & 5 cleaning modes, Crenova Robot Vacuum Cleaner ensures a precise and deep clean for your home. Comes with built-in, rechargeable battery with long-lasting 90 minute run time.
*.The sophisticated laser navigation and numerous ultrasonic sensors allow the vacuum to manoeuvre around almost every obstacle: avoiding obstacle & stairs, sopting dity area, closely and precisely along walls.
*.The automatic features make life easier for you. Includes smart scheduled cleaning, remote control, a self-charge docking station and virtual wall.
*.Crenova robot vacuum is easy to empty.
*.55dB quiet operation..
The Crenova robot vacuum is one of the best ways to keep your hard surfaces and carpets clean without having to do the cleaning yourself..
The Crenova robot cleaner is relatively quiet at just 55 dB, which allows you to go about your business without feeling like your quiet time is being interrupted..