4-in-1 Multiple Function Car Vacuum Cleaner - Tire Inflator, Pressure Gauge and Led Light

Brand: HOTOR
The multiple-function powerful car vacuum helps you get rid of dusts and mess in your car, Inflates your car tires, Gauges your tire pressure to prevent over-inflation and assists in dispelling darkness with its bright led light..
Comes with a strong 12-volt 100W suction that makes it easy to pick up any 'busters' in your car. Simply insert the cigarette lighter plug into the DC 12V cigarette lighter in your car and switch on the car..
Vacuum Suction: 4000MBAR
Type: ZY-6601-A
Input Current: 10A-15A
Input Voltage: DC-12v
Power: 100W
Weight: 33.51oz/950g
Power Cord Length: 14.76ft/4.5m
Brush Attachment: 5.90in/150mm (L)
Extension Hose: 11.61in/295mm (L)
Valve Tube: 23.62in/600mm (L)
Vacuum Cleaner: 16.06 x 4.25 x 5.71in/408mm x 108 x 145mm (L x W x H)..