Portable Handheld Cordless Electric Stitch Tool - Arespark Mini Sewing Machine

Brand: Arespark.
This mini handheld sewing machine is easy to use and excellent for on-the-spot repairs. You can make your own cloth, apron, handkerchief with this portable stitch tool. Great! for patchwork, arts and crafts. Make your sewing repairs anywhere and fulfill your various sewing requirements. It is a simple convenient practical quick stitch tool and perfect for travel and home.
Arespark portable handheld stitch tool is ideal for any household clothing and fashion materials. You can use for silks, denim, wool, leather and crafts. Great for quick sewing repairs that conventional desktop machines can not handle, like sewing curtains while on the rod, or mending a torn pocket without having to remove your pants. Can be seam thickness 1.8MM, too big, too hard, thick seam certainly not.
It's powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).
Dimension: 8.3 x 2.55 x 1 inch (L) x (W) x (H)..
Category: Fashion, Sewing Machine