Portable Solar Inverter Suaoki Generator

Brand: SUAOKI.
The Suaoki Solar Inverter is lightweight, works quietly, great for electronics, zero-emissions, easy and safe to use. Features three buttons with lights indicator and a LCD screen display. Comes with four USB ports to charge your home electronic devices. The inverter can be charged in three ways; via AC adaptor, 12V/24V car cigarette socket and solar panel..
Solar Panel: 10A(Max)/14V~40V
USB Output: 5V/4×3.5A(Max)
DC Output: 12V/2×3A
Cigarette Lighter Socket: 12V/120W
Battery Capacity: 400Wh
AC Adapter: 14V~40V(Standard:72W/29.4V)
AC Output: 110V-60Hz/300W(Pure Sine)
Starting Outlet Voltage: 12V/600A(Peak)..
Category: Inverter , Solar ..