David Limbaugh's Book: THE TRUE JESUS - Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels - Regnery Publishing - 357 Pages..

David Limbaugh's Book - THE TRUE JESUS - UNCOVERING the DIVINITY of CHRIST in the GOSPELS - Regnery Publishing..

Book Title: THE TRUE JESUS: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels ⦾ Author: David Scott Limbaugh • An American lawyer, political commentator, writer and columnist. Limbaugh describes himself as “an evangelical Christian”..

  • Publisher: Regnery Publishing
  • Format: eBook Edition / Hardcover / Paperback
  • Type: Biblical Biographies / Christology / Gospel..
  • Publishing Year: 2017
  • Print length: 357 Pages..
      In The True Jesus, Limbaugh shares the historical events preceding Jesus' birth that providentially paved the way for Christianity..

      You will also learn:
      • Why even the apostles failed to completely understand Jesus' true identity and mission until after His crucifixion
      • The real basis for the rejection of Jesus' message by skeptics in His hometown and elsewhere
      • How Jesus' message utterly contradicted modern attempts to portray Him as being non-judgmental...


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