172-Bottle Allavino Wine Cellar Dual-Zone Fridge

• Brand: Allavino (VSWR172-2BWLN)
• 172-Bottle Double-Temperature-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator
• Equipped with fourteen metal roller-guide shelves that are capable of storing and cooling all bottles at one time..
• Shelves are constructed of durable metal to provide reliable stability and prevent sagging over time..
• Comes wooden slats that cradle the bottles to help minimize harmful vibration..
• Perfect cooler fridge for those dealing in wine business with diverse wine collections..
• Features built-in blue interior lighting with both curved and towel bar handles for custom look..
• Two independently controlled temperature zones for red and white wines..
• Upper zone has a temperature range of 41-61 degrees Fahrenheit while the lower zone has a range of 45-64 degrees Fahrenheit..
• Size/Dimensions: ~ 27 x 23.5 x 71.5 Inches..
• Weight (shipping): ~ 304 pounds...