High Pressure Car Washer Gun With five Nozzles 3000 PSI - MATCC

Brand: MATCC
Manufacturer: Yomoid Co.Ltd. This gun lets you get up close to the work, and to hold items in place while being washed. While using the pressure nozzles, check the brass fitting that holds the quick change nozzles to make sure that it is fastened tightly to the Gun handle.. Make sure your pressure washer hose is 15mm diameter inside the M22 metric thread. The shell and plate are made of engineering plastics, strong and durable. High hardness alloy nozzle, long life..
You can use the the washer gun for a host of things like cleaning siding, gutters, windows, etc.. Quick change nozzles that came with the Gun worked great. The black nozzle is for "soap", the white for "washing", the green for "cleaning", the yellow for "stripping", and the red for "blasting".. Dimensions: 6.7 inches x 5.9 inches x 1.2 inches.. ..see more..»
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