Magnetic Screen Door Curtain Mesh by N-Green

N-Green Mesh

• Brand: N-Green
• 36x83 Inches Full Frame Velcro Door Curtain Mesh.
◦ Easy to install with no tool required and can be removed in minutes..
◦ Helps to keep dangerous flies and insects away from your home, thereby protecting you and your family..
◦ Has absolutely no gaps or holes for pesky mosquitos or bugs to sneak in..
◦ You can conveniently walk through the door screens hands-free..
◦ Features magnetic seals that make the curtain mesh close more quickly, quieter and closer better than those of plastic snaps.
◦ Made from high-density antioxidant polyester material, strong, durable and can fit any door up to 34x82 inches in size..
* Color and specs may vary..