Portable Adjustable Standing Desk Table with Foldable Legs for Laptops Notebooks Reading - Superjare

Brand: Superjare
You can use this adjustable table on a regular height desk and stand up to work instead of sitting at the keyboard for hours, it will help with alleviate neck and back pain. Use as a bed reading table for a spacious space, or tablet stand, or as a breakfast serving tray in bed for lazy mornings.. Use the table as a laptop desk for bed/couch for a relaxing workspace, as a standing desk at office if you get tired of sitting. Features a stopper that protects your laptop from skidding while tilting the top, an extra soft wrist rest provides a good comfort on your wrist while working. You can bring your laptop to any perfect heights or angles while lay back on your bed or couch.. Dimensions: 20.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 12.6 inches. Weight: 3.3 pounds.. ..see more..»
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