Tint Safe SunShade Shield for Car Windows - Bright Outdoors

Brand: Bright Outdoors
Easily installed on the inside of all back side windows up to 17inch, just like a sticker or decal. Removable and Tint Safe.. Made from a unique material that becomes transparent for the driver, there are no blind spots on rear side windows. 40% light transmittance means it complies with State automotive vehicle tint laws..
Sick of shades that stop you using your window, get pulled off by curious hands or even worse, fall off? Fun Shades solve all your problems, allowing full window function and fresh air.. With an engaging, cute pattern that appeals to infants and kids alike, and reduced sun, glare and heat, your baby can sleep easy and in full comfort.. Worried about your toddler and solar radiation, glare or UV rays? 60% sunblock means your child will be cooler, more comfortable and protected.. Weight: 2.7 ounces.. ..see more..»
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