1.3 Liter Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Light - Sol Beauty

Brand: Sol Beauty
Perfect to use in any room, anytime, day or night.. Enhance your mood with the LED night light feature. With 5 different calming colors to choose from, your overall experience will be relaxing and therapeutic.. Forget the excess noise! The design is crafted to be extremely quiet, making your overall experience even more pleasant! There is absolutely no heat, no vibration, buzzing or any other annoying operational noises.. The Sol Beauty Cool Mist Humidifier is specifically designed to humidify the air. Using ultra-sonic technology it diffuses cool vapor into the air through an adjustable 360° rotating nozzle.. Using non-heat ultrasonic technology, the humidifier is cool to the touch and features an auto-off timer for when the tank empties! It is low maintenance, easy to operate, and each fill provides over 7 hours of use!.. ..more..»
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