Beatit 14000mAh Car Battery Booster Jump Starter


• Brand: Beatit (B9-PRO)
◦ Portable 12-Volt Car Battery Booster - Vehicle Jump Starter Power Bank with Flashlight
◦ Comes with high quality built-in litium battery (14,000mAh capacity)..
◦ Able to crank up any size of passenger vehicle..
◦ About 5.5 hours of charging time and rechargeable via wall or car charger..
◦ Can jump start 5.5L gas or 4.0L diesel engine up to 20 times on a single charge..
◦ Features protective circuit board with safety cables against over current, short circuiting and overloading..
◦ Equipped with adaptive smart IQC charging spark-proof technology with reverse polarity protection..
◦ Able to charge your phones, tablets, cameras and other devices at speeds of up to 2.1 amps (10W)..
◦ Comes with LED flashlight for S.O.S lighting, emergency, night use..etc..
◦ Safe, durable and mistake-proof design - Compact and lightweight..
◦ USB output (double): 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A
◦ Current: 250A(start) and 600A(peak)..
◦ Capacity: 50.32WH/14000mah - Up to 3,000 times cycle life..
◦ Operating temperature range: -25℃ to +60℃.
* Color and specs may vary..