Portable Mini Handheld Hand Press Coffee Maker Machine - Barsetto

Brand: Barsetto
This portable manual coffee maker is hand operated, no batteries, no electric power. Easy to clean for its detachable design. Suitable for on car, airport, office, hotel, outdoor and so on, the best gift at any time.. The coffee cup has double wall, which won't hurt your hands for the high temperature of the coffee. There is a cup cover under the coffee maker, so the coffee cup can be carried conveniently.. Just need max 80ml 90℃ hot water and 7g coffee powder or coffee capsule, offer a cup of quality espresso for you anywhere.. The portable manual coffee maker is capable of making quality espresso, easy to use. Perfectly designed for the coffee lover, it can provide quality espresso anywhere.. With the creative original concept of 'make then drink' and the the representation of leisure, Barsetto portable hand press coffee maker is aim to solve the problem of making coffee outdoor.. ..more..»
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