Stainless Steel 1.5 HP Submersible Water Pump with 15ft Cable and Float Switch - Homdox

Brand: Homdox
Never worry again that your dry basement will be effected on rainy days or any day that the underground water table rises. GREAT for flooded area, swimming pool, pond.. Quickly move large amounts of water with a heavy duty 1.5 HP Copper wound motor operating at 115V offers strong pumping capacity and long pump life.. 4356GPH AND 1.5HP:4356GPH (gallons per hour) pumping capacity quickly moves water away from locations. Pump includes a 15 foot long cord ,which allows the pump to be removed free.In addition,the cord is sealed specially in order to prevent electrical short circuits while under water..
The higher base plate assures the prevention of debris collection in the sump pit. Able to pump clean or dirty water, garden hose attachment allows for immediate use. Outlet can be adapted for larger hoses.. Stainless steel motor is not easy to rust and thereby extends product life. Also,the stainless body is easy to clean and wipe.. The pump with a float switch allows for multiple applications as a standard submersible or automatic operation using the float switch.Notice:once the pump can not pump any water,the power must be cut off immediately.If not, that will lead to the coil inside the pump burned.. Dimensions: 15.6 inches x 7.9 inches x 9.4 inches. Weight: 13 pounds.. ..more..»
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