5.5inch Lighted Magnifier 5X Zoom Glass 2X Lens with Light - BearMoo

Brand: BearMoo
Perfect Magnifier Glass for viewing fine details in newspapers, magazines, books, maps, electronics, miniatures, jewelry, pill bottles, hobbies and crafts. Comfortable ergonomic handle suitable for children, adults, seniors, hobbyists and professionals.. Hight clarity with scratch-resistant lens, Sturdy with ABS plastic design handle.. Only 7.4oz Weight Handheld Magnifier.. Comes with 3 LEDs Lighted Magnifying glass: Three very bright eco-friendly and energy-efficient lights to create an evenly lit viewing area.. Features 5.5"lens (2X+5X magnification lens) that makes large field of vision with less distortions.. Dimensions: 11 inches x 6 inches x 0.8 inches. Weight: 7.5 ounces.. ..more..»
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