Suoer Power Inverter - Car Voltage Converter (12V to 220V) with LED Display Screen

Suoer Power Inverter - Car USB Converter (12V to 220V) with LED Display
  • Suoer (SDB-1000W) Pure Sine Wave Inverter - High Efficiency Power Converter.
    • Specification: 220V±10% Voltage Regulation , 50HZ Output Frequency, 1000W/2000Wmax Power Output, 12V DC Voltage Input , 220V AC Voltage Output..
    • Comes with buzzer alarm, supplies pure sine wave while normal types mostly supply square or corrected sine wave..
    • Applications: USB desktop, fan, solar electric energy generation, cellphone, electric drill, wind power generation, communication equipment, small-sized emergency power supply system, Industrial control system..
    • Features:
      • Smart cooling fan that is controlled by CPU to help save power consumption.
      • Digital LED display that shows you the capacity of battery input, voltage of battery, load power..
      • Built with aluminum alloy heat-resisting housing..