Car Power Inverter USB Converter 12V to 220V with LED Display - Suoer

Brand: Suoer
Specification: voltage regulation 220V±10%, Output wave form Pure Sine, Output frequency 50HZ, Load Regulation 5%.. Power output 1000W,2000Wmax, Voltage input 12v, Voltage output 220V.. This is a convenient and high efficiency power converter that gives solution for AC power supply. The Inverter comes with Buzzer alarm.. Supplies pure sine wave while normal types mostly supply square or corrected sine wave.. Applications: Desktop, Fan, Solar electric energy generation, Cellphone, Electric drill, Wind power generation, Communication equipment, Small sized emergency power supply system, Industrial intellectual control system.. Features cooling fan that is intellectually controlled, and its working status is controlled by CPU, which mostly increased its service life and helps to save the power consumption, improve work efficiency and lower the working noise.. High reliability and low failure rate with advanced Double-CPU single chip intellectual control technology.. Comes with unique circuit design,choice of import industrial electronic components, higher efficiency, more stable performance.. Features Digital LED display that shows you the capacity of battery input, voltage of battery, load power.. Built with aluminum alloy housing, not rust, heat-resisting and cold-resistant as well as anti-corrosion.. The Inverter comes with high-frequency isolation transformer type, high efficiency, and high security.. Model SDB-1000W.. ..more..»
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