Finger and Toe Nails Cleaner Clipper Kit - Prefer Beauty

Brand: Prefer Beauty
Keep your finger and toe nails clean and make them look polished with the Prefer Beauty Kit. Included in the kit is a file with double-side grits. The fine side for cleaning and filing your artificial nails while the coarse side is for your natural nails.. The file is durable and easy to use in cleaning and shaping your nails.. The nail clippers are made of stainless steel, coated black using the latest plating technology and are comfortable to handle.. The clippers are unique with angled blades for cutting difficult nails that grow into toes causing pains.. The Clipper blades are of unique design, sharp and of high precision making every cut easy and smooth.. Manufacturer reference: PB004-NAILCLIPPER-3PCS.. ..more..»
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