Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor Solar LED Lights - Sunlitec

Brand: Sunlitec
The Sunlitec solar light features 3 intelligent modes: Strong Full light mode which can be used in Driveways and Outdoors, Dim light mode when you need lighting that is comfortable for your eyes like in Balcony or in Patio and third is Motion Detect Mode for entrance and parking.. The LED Solar Light comes with five LEDS on both the sides. It also has a wide-angle design which covers more area and hence, gives better illumination.. Easy to set up. No need for installing any electrical wires.. Please make sure this solar light is put in direct sunlight all day so that it can absorb more sunlight for charging.. Dimensions: 12.4 inches x 2.2 inches x 4.6 inches.. Weight: 1.1 pounds.. ..more..»
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