Pocket-Sized Mini Surveillance Hidden Spy Security Body Video Camera - Conbrov

Brand: Conbrov
This spy cam runs on battery and you can charge it while video recording clandestine activities.. The hidden camera supports loop recording with at least 8GB memory capacity up to 32GB max. No need to manually delete old files when the memory card is full, the cam self overwrites the very oldest video files with recent ones.. Conbrov spy cam automatically records premium HD quality daylight videos and captures high resolution clear pictures. Supports night vision video recordings in total darkness with a range of ten to fifteen feet.. You can also do manual recordings of five minute per clip.. The ideal security spy surveillance camera for homes and offices monitoring.. You can simply do your clandestine recordings without attracting any attention. Conbrov is the world's smallest mini body cam.. Manufacturer reference: T16.. Weight: 0.6 ounces.. ..more..»
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