Powerful Handheld Mini-Compact Garment Steamer - Bizond

This mini fabric steamer safely eliminates wrinkles and quickly freshens your garments and clothings easily.. Perfect for use while on a journey travelling or at home.. Automatically shuts down when not in use after five minutes or in standby mode thereby protecting the steamer against overheating.. Comes with a capacity storage water tank that can lasts up to ten minutes while steaming.. The Bizond compact cloth steamer is convenient to handle, fast, heats up within twentyfive seconds and removes stubborn wrinkles.. Features a powerful electronic pump system that produces quick and quality steaming.. The Bizond steamer is equipped with a super dry steam technology that gets rid of spitting water completely. You can either do your steaming upside, down or horizontally.. Comes with a nano polymer purifier that filters the water for steaming thereby preventing calcification of the heating element and extending the lifespan.. Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5" x 7.5".. Weight: 1.3pounds.. Manufacturer reference: STMR-010116.. ..more..»
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