Professional Knife Sharpener Stone Kit - Love This Kitchen®

Brand: Love This Kitchen®
Features adjustable, patented plastic enclosure that gives you a 15-degree angled base or a regular flat base -making this kit ideal for novices and pros alike, no guide needed. Non-slip bottom for a safer sharpening experience.. The stones come in a sturdy, high-quality plastic box that allows you safe storage of your stones in a drawer or cupboard right after use, even when wet! Holes in the bottom let the stones air dry.. Great for all types of knives: chef, sushi, kitchen, pocket and hunting.. Comes with Japanese-style grits 1000 and 6000 for sharpening and honing dull blades to razor sharpness. No messy and expensive oil needed, just add water.. Manufacturer reference: LTK-SHARP-10-60.. ..more..»
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