Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Security Motion Sensor LED Lights - OMNi

Brand: OMNi
Automatically powers on at night or when darkness is setting in, and supplies high illumination when an object or motion is detected thereby providing safety and security for your home surroundings all night.. OMNi Solar Light is the perfect outdoor lamp for your car park, walkway, garden, backyard, frontyard, garage, driveway, porch, home entrance, patio, yard, gate entrance, path, fence and other environs of your apartment.. The light is wireless, powered by sunlights and needs no wiring connections or cables. It can be mounted on outdoor apartment walls, fences or at your gates with screw anchors.. OMNi lights are durable, water resistant, weather proof and built with high quality stainless steel materials thereby providing protection against corrosion.. The square head OMNi LED lamp comes with built-in Infrared, Motion and Light sensors that provides powerful sensitive up to 16.4feet 120degree angles.. Features high capacity lithium 2600mAh battery that is rechargeable via the square head solar panel and can supply continuous lighting up to ten hours with a single full charge. The solar panel is highly sensitive, absorbs sun rays fast and provides quick power for lighting.. Features three lighting modes with colour indicators: When in Strong Light Mode (Blue Indicator), the light stays off until motion detected. When in Dim Light Mode (Green), the light dims to bright when motion is detected. And the Always On Mode (Red Indicator).. Manufacturer reference: COMINHKG120782.. Dimensions: 6.3" x 4.3" x 3.2".. Weight: 12.3ounces.. ..more..»
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