Basic DIY Electronic Learning Starter Kit - Geekcreit

Brand: Geekcreit
The starter kit pack includes the following: Large breadboard, Mini breadboard, Remote Control, 5V stepper motor, Arduino compatible UNO R3 development board, USB cable, Prototype extension board, 220ohm resistance, 8*8 dot matrix, 2003 stepper motor driver board, Adjustable potentiometer, 1602 Screen, 9G servos, Flame Sensor, Two Vibration Sensors, LM35 Temperature Sensor, Passive buzzer, Active buzzer, Ten Green LEDs, Ten Red LEDs, Ten Blue LEDs, Infrared Receiver, Photoresistor Four Key caps, Four Key switches, Jumper cap, Component box 10p DuPont line, Thirty Breadboard lines, One digit eight segment tube, Four digit eight segment tube, IC 74HC595, 1K resistor plug, 10K resistor plug, 2.54mm 40pin pin header and Battery Holder.. The starter kit will aid you in learning and building creative projects. Controlling the physical world with sensor and actuators.. This kit is an upgraded version that comes with more electronic components.. ..more..»
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