Compact TrueHEPA Air Filter Purifier Odor Eliminator - Levoit

Brand: Levoit
It's 100% Ozone free, no Ions or UV. It comes with lifetime support and a two-year warranty from Levoit.. Portable, compact and perfectly fits into any small apartment, home, room or office space.. Operation is quiet, features nightlights, three-level speed functions.. Perfect air purifier for individuals who suffer from nasal stuffiness and allergies.. Equipped with Activated Carbon and True-HEPA filters for removal of unwanted odours.. Making sure the plastic bag of the TrueHEPA & charcoal filter is removed before operating to prevent damage to the unit.. Ideal AirPurifier for babies, kids and pet owners. Removes air pollution, filters particles as small as 0.3microns, eliminates air dust, smoke, odours pollen..etc.. Dimensions: 9.7in x 9.8in x 14.6in.. Manufacturer reference: LV-H132.. Weight: 6.5pounds.. ..more..»
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