Compact TrueHEPA Air Filter Purifier Odor Eliminator by Levoit

• Brand: Levoit (LV-H132).
• 100% Ozone free, no Ions or UV..
• Comes with lifetime support and a two-year warranty from Levoit..
• Portable, compact and perfectly fits into any small apartment, home, room or office space..
• Operation is quiet, features nightlights, three-level speed functions..
• Perfect air purifier for individuals who suffer from nasal stuffiness and allergies..
• Equipped with Activated Carbon and True-HEPA filters for removal of unwanted odours..
• Note: Make sure the plastic bag of the TrueHEPA & charcoal filter is removed before operating to prevent damage to the unit.
• Ideal AirPurifier for babies, kids and pet owners..
• Removes air pollution, filters particles as small as 0.3microns, eliminates air dust, smoke, odours pollen..etc..
• Size/Dimension: 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches...
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