Video Game | Portable 2DS XL Gaming Nintendo

Brand: Nintendo
The 2DS XL is compatible with most Nintendo DS and all Nintendo 3DS games.. It comes with AC power adapter.. Experience the amiibo features in compatible games by tapping an amiibo figure to the nearfield communication (NFC) reader on the lower screen.. Features ZR and ZL buttons that give you many gaming options. The C-Stick offers you enhanced controls to compatible games.. The Nintendo 2DS XL is light weight, portable and can be played anywhere.. Comes with a swift processor for reduced loading times and smooth gaming.. It's comfortable to hold thanks to the sleek clamshell design which also help to keep the screen safe from scratches when closed.. Dimensions: 9.2inch x 1.8inch x 4.4inch.. Weight: 1pounds.. Release date: July 28, 2017.. ..more..»
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