24000mAh Portable Power Bank Phone Battery Charger - Bernet

Equipped with safe charging technology.. Protects your smart devices against over-discharge, high-current, high-voltage and short-circuit.. Automatically stop charging when your smart device is fully charged.. Comes with high capacity 24000mAh battery and a compact solar panel. You can charge the power bank via USB wall charger or via sunlight.. Note that sunlight charging may take longer time and is subject to sun intensity and panel conversion rate.. Fully compatible with Android and iOS devices.. Perfect for use during camping, holiday trip, traveling, hiking and so on. The powerful 24000mAh battery charger provides enough backup for your mobile devices.. Features three USB Charging Outputs and two charging inputs.. Dimensions: 6.5inches x 3.4inches x 0.8inches.. Weight: 1.1pounds.. ..more..»
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