Battery Powered Rechargeable USB Desk Rotatable Cooling Fan - Digoo

Brand: Digoo
Spec~ 360° Full Angles Rotatable.. Power: 5V USB Port, AC Adapter, 18650 Battery.. 4.5(Level1) / 2(Level2) Hours Working Mode.. 5(2 Batteries) Hours Charging Time.. Model: DF-101.. 10.43inch/26.5cm Frame Diameter.. DC Brushless Motor Heart.. Auto Switch Smart Working Mode: The fan auto starts by charging the batteries with the LED indicator light turning blue when connected to USB. And the fan makes use of the USB power and not the batteries thereby prolonging the batteries' life spans.. It makes use of the batteries when the power is off.. Weight : ~1kg.. ..more..»
Category: Electronics | eShop: Banggood..

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